Single Shaft Shredder

The single shaft shredder is a widely used type of machine. It consists of a single, solid shaft with square blades bolted into it. This shaft rotates at about 80 RPM, depending on the model, and these blades pass through a bed knife on the base of the cutting chamber. A hydraulic ram continually pushes the material against the shaft of the shredder for continuous cutting.

The single shaft shredder is an ideal machine for plastics, paper, wood, organic waste a wide variety of non metallic materials.

The size of the machine required for each project depends on the initial size of the material, the number of kilo’s, or tons per hour that you need to process, and the final particle size desired.

The single shaft shredder is almost always used with a screen, which retains the material in the cutting chamber to reduce the material even further. The standard cut on a single shaft shredder is 25mm, that is the size of the cutting blades. When retaining the material in the chamber with a screen, the machines can produce particle sizes of 10mm